Revalidation and Peer Discussion

//Revalidation and Peer Discussion
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Revalidation and Peer Discussion

What we learnt from having a peer review element at our last training event

As of 30th March 2018 revalidation replaces the current continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, as mandated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

As part of the new requirements, registrants are required to submit one peer discussion when renewing their registrations.

We recently held our interpreting pathology in primary event where a number of multidisciplinary healthcare professional attended. Whilst the workshop was content led, there were a number of case studies that were discussed with the speaker and also case discussion between delegates.

At Medicines Academy, we had made a decision to implement peer discussion into our training events as soon as it was announced, as a room full of like-minded clinicians discussing cases, how it can improve their practice and patient care is an apt opportunity to be able to complete this requirement with colleagues.

What we found was not all pharmacy colleagues were even aware that revalidation is coming into replace the previous CPD requirements and were quite baffled how they had missed the communications (further information about revalidation can be found at the GPhC website HERE)

All pharmacy delegates found the GPhC peer discussion form useful to act as a prompt to guide their discussions and a majority of them were able to complete this element of their revalidation on the day and create a network of new colleagues that they could keep in contact with for further discussions and peer support.

All pharmacy delegates found going through the process useful and a large number indicated this would not be their only peer discussion they undertake and would also assist in completing their reflective accounts.

As a result, we have decided to keep the peer discussion elements on the agenda for every event we host going forward due to the overwhelming positive feedback.


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