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What we do

  • Podcast: redisrupt health

    Inform and inspire good practice!
    The Medicines Academy podcast ‘ReDisrupt Health’ is your direct source for all of the latest news, recommendations, tips and exclusive access to the world of healthcare.
    We aim to challenge your mindset and develop you in to powerful healthcare professionals, leaders and thinkers.
    We will showcase the best of global innovations that are solving healthcare challenges and at scale.
    Break boundaries and challenge the system- we’re here to change healthcare!
  • Chronic disease Guides

    The original Medicines Academy Comprehensive Guides series is an exclusive access guide to different areas of disease management.
    Created, led and taught by our elite in-house medical experts, these provide comprehensive information on effective chronic and acute disease management.
    Expertise available on demand, anytime, anywhere- exclusive to our Medicines Academy subscribers only.
    Unlock hours of exclusive and continually updated content now!
    The only place that ‘Enables Experts’!

  • Compendium of management in healthcare

    The Compendium of Management in Healthcare is the only manual every manager in healthcare needs!
    A modern classic- the book encompasses management models and theories and creates a new model generation for all types of managers ready to challenge and survive the changes of the role of management in healthcare.
    The compendium covers the expectations, the ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge alongside management theories and most importantly their application within the healthcare environment.
    The application of management best practice in healthcare.

  • PRACTICE MEDICINES co-ordinators

    This original programme aims to empower all non clinical staff to have a greater understanding of prescribing and medicines use in general practice.
    It improves processes, patient care and customer service and ensures your team are experts in signposting, understanding prescribing, medications and the wider impact on your patients.
    Use this course to demonstrate upskilling of your colleagues when it comes to prescribing.

  • Gpengage

    Engagement with the right stakeholders can have tremendous benefits on your practice or business endeavours.
    GPEngage is our bespoke programme for community pharmacies and provides best practice for engaging with your local GP practice, use cases and done for you presentations you can use.

  • Gpengage pharma

    The NHS landscape is drastically changing with expanding multidisciplinary teams having increasing influence on prescribing practices in primary care.
    This exclusive webinar and workshop for our colleagues in pharmais your direct access to the best practices behind engaging with GP practices.

  • The regen model

    The ReGen Model is a leadership and management strategy to integrate the application of genomic, regenerative and proteomic medicine in to primary and secondary care.
    The model has been created to support both managers and clinicians implement predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory medicine to optimise patient health and wellbeing as well as aiming to eradicate and control disease.

  • Prescribing leadership framework

    The practice of prescribing has always been led across healthcare boundaries and in individual healthcare settings by key individuals.
    Our original research explored leadership across prescribing practice rather than residing in the traits or behaviours of particular individuals, which led to the development of our Prescribing Leadership Framework.


    Value exchange and the value journey are central to our bespoke digital marketing and market access solutions.
    Contact us to find out more.