Revalidation and Peer Discussion

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What we learnt from having a peer review element at our last training event As of 30th March 2018 revalidation replaces the current continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, as mandated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). As part of the new requirements, registrants are required to submit one peer discussion when [...]

Why Review Polypharmacy?

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Not a new concept: “it is an art of no little importance to administer medicines properly: but, it is an art of much greater and more difficult acquisition to know when to suspend or altogether to omit them”. Philippe Pinel, Psychiatrist (1745-1826) Polypharmacy is usually defined as when a patient takes four or medications and this [...]

Does QOF Influence Polypharmacy?

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The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) in the UK is a reward and incentive programme for general practitioners. Many of the QOF areas highlight prescribing as an intervention. Whilst these are linked to quality outcomes and have an evidence base they are often prescribed to essentially ‘tick’ that box. Are we prescribing more medications because it [...]

James Bond Super Villain and Asthma

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JAMES BOND VILLAINS AND ASTHMA   For those of you who are James Bond fans out here, you must have seen the Casino Royale showing in the usual Christmas TV line up this year Eagle eyed pharmacy colleagues will have noticed the constant use of the ‘silver’ inhaler by Le Chiffre at numerous times during the [...]


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Patient stories are a really powerful way of showing impactful practice. Over time you will build a good repository of patient stories which will paint a positive picture and you can use it for appraisals, for continuing professional development, demonstrate your impact to line managers and commisioners, build a business case to apply for funding. A patient story [...]

CCG Medicines Optimisation Pharmacists vs GP Pharmacists

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We are frequently asked about the difference between the roles of CCG Medicines Optimisation Pharmacists and GP Pharmacists. It is important to understand the distinction between the roles and responsibilities between the two as this may be of consideration between which role you may want to pursue. CCG Pharmacists CCG pharmacists have been around for a [...]

#GPPharmacists – Understand Your Work Options

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Many pharmacists want to work in GP land but with the plethora of options available for employment, which is best suited to you? NHS jobs will list all vacancies for practice pharmacists in any given area. Having a search in your area is what most people do and there are most likely jobs available. The practice will [...]