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Welcome To Medicines Academy

We are a core team of pharmacists and practice manager who have worked in primary care and general practice for over 10 years and have experience of working with various stakeholders including general practices, federations and clinical commissioning groups to provide services in primary care.

We accredit our training via our partnership with the CPD Certification Service to ensure our training and continuing professional development is quality assured.

What we do

  • Engagement


    GPEngage Pharma

    Pharmacy in General Practice Masterclass

    Compendium of Management in General Practice

    Prescribing Leadership

    Market Access

  • Implementation

    Practice Medicines Co-ordinators

    Chronic Disease Guides

    Healthcare project design and implementation and at scale

  • Technology

    MA Media

    Podcast: ReDisrupt Health

Our Services

  • 1 GPEngage.
  • 2 Pharmacy in General Practice Masterclass and CP Lab.
  • 3 The Compendium of Management in General Practice
  • 4 Practice Medicines Champions.
  • 5 Prescribing Leadership Framework
  • 6 Clinical and Chronic Disease Workshops
  • 7 Develop and implement new CDM methodology at scale to improve patient care.

We’re Good With Numbers

We Trained

Healthcare professional last year alone

Our Services Covered

Patient Populations

Our Project Realised

in prescribing efficiency saving for the NHS