About Us

We’re in the business of ensuring the investment made is medicines is optimised. This can be by providing bespoke, up to date and accredited training for healthcare professionals or quality improvement programmes designed to optimise medicines use and delivered at scale in primary care.

Healthcare Professionals

  • Effective engagement with our GPEngage programme for community pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy in General Practice Masterclass
  • Compendium of Management in General Practice
  • Practice Medicines Co-ordinators Programme
  • Comprehensive Disease Guides

Commercial Services

  • Clinical Audit
  • Clinical Change Management
  • End to End Project Management
    • Chronic Disease Therapy Review
    • Quality Improvement Programmes
  • Joint Working with the NHS.
  • Research capability
  • MA Media – HCP Marketing Solutions.

Research & Development

  • New models of care and pathway redesign.
  • Growing research on pharmacist led interventions in primary care.
  • Genomic, Regenerative and Proteomic Medicine
  • Chronic Pain and Opioid Prescribing.
  • Translating evidence into real world data.